Wallpaper Asahi TREASURE Black Hair

Dyeing Black Hair for the First Time After Debut, Asahi TREASURE's Performance Becomes a Spotlight. Asahi TREASURE, who dyed her hair black for the first time, wowed netizens.

According to netizens on the PANN site, Asahi with black hair is one of her legendary looks. OP wrote, "I think blonde hair suits him best but only he looks handsome (regardless of hair color) ... Everyone open your eyes and leave."

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Other netizens were also fascinated by Asahi's new appearance. They leave comments like:

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1. He is indeed handsome.

2. Asahi looks good at everything.

3. He is very handsome.

4. Handsome.

5. I think his appearance is enhanced with blonde hair but he looks handsome even with black hair.

6. He is suitable for everything because he is very handsome.

7. Noooooo, I didn't check twitter on purpose but.

8. This is not the first time, he has also gotten it (black hair color) at YGTB.

What do you think?

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[via treasurepann; Trans and Written by Panncafe]


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