TWICE Jihyo Weight: Facts and Stories

TWICE's Jihyo's Heartbreaking Journey in Losing Weight from Trainees Until Now. K-Pop idols often receive a lot of strong reactions from netizens and people in the entertainment industry because of their weight. These idols are always expected to have a thin body, and TWICE's Jihyo is no exception.

This has caused many idols to face heartbreaking situations regarding their weight. Even though in reality, everyone's body shape is different.

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Mnet's "TMI News" caught a glimpse of Jihyo's journey in losing weight and found it to be a heartbreaking journey. Even before Jihyo debuted, she received a lot of bad comments about her weight.

When Jihyo participated in the survival event "SIXTEEN" which is a program created by TWICE, a photographer told her that she "looks fat". Even after Jihyo debuted, she still heard many hurtful comments.

During the fan meeting, a "fan" shouted that Jihyo would be a suitable weightlifter, and this made the TWICE leader hurt. Because of all these hurtful comments, Jihyo finally decided to start exercising to lose weight.

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Through hard work, Jihyo managed to lose weight. Now the 1995-born singer has the body shape he wants.

Meanwhile, TWICE will be making a comeback by releasing their second full album titled "Eyes Wide Open". The album will contain the title track "I Can't Stop Me" and will be released on October 26th.

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