Trending on PANN October 2020 : SinB GFRIEND - Like A Dream OST Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Trending in PANN, SinB GFRIEND's Vocal Ability Filling Drama OST Amazed Netizens. Singing the drama OST, Sinb GFRIEND trending on the PANN site.

SinB filled the OST for the drama "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol" by singing the song "Like A Dream". Having been released some time ago, netizens were amazed by SinB's vocal and voice skills in the song, even though SinB himself is a sub-vocalist at GFRIEND.

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Through the PANN site, netizens also left comments such as, “He's really crazy, what's with this consistency, he has a fresh face and a fresh tone? I really like SinB's tone, his ability even as a sub-vocalist… ”,“ Congratulations Hwang Eunbi for the second OST! Only with the OST, yeochin has released 5 years "," He can do low tones and high notes ... he's crazy, he's really good at singing at the level of a soloist "," (GFRIEND's 16th OST) and second to SinB. after "Confession", congratulations on releasing "Like A Dream", Hwang Eunbi! ", and so on.

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[via gfsquad__com, pann-nate; Trans and Written by Panncafe]


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