Sexy Photo Jungkook BTS with Transparent Shirt at Online Concert MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E

Through their online concert MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E, BTS presents fans with a stage that makes them even taller. One of the moments in the spotlight was Jungkook's sexy style which made ARMY hysterical.

Before the members went on stage to perform "Black Swan", Jungkook had already made his senses fall behind the VCR who introduced the performance. Emerging from the dark, she is reaching a new level of sexy in her turtleneck made of netting.

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With a glimpse of the tattoo paired with the elegant beige blazer, Jungkook had noticed before the stage even started. As if that wasn't enough to make fans reeling, his net shirt for the performance managed to make fans even more short of breath.

Wow what do you think?

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Written by KoreanID

Source: koreaboo


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