Jimin BTS Crying Talked About His Feelings on the COVID-19 Pandemic

BTS's Jimin shed tears as he talked about his feelings for the COVID-19 pandemic and what everyone is going through.

During the 'BTS Map of the Soul ON: E' on October 10, Jimin expressed his feelings at the end of the online concert, saying, "Actually, I didn't really focus on the encore performance, but there were a lot of things that I felt were unfair before preparing. concerts. When COVID-19 is widespread, I want to appear with the members more than anything and chat with all of you and be happy. I don't know why we have to go through this. "

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He continued, "The members had fun during the encore, and it made me choke. I haven't been able to focus since then, but I'm happy to see everyone like this, and to be honest, sorry I couldn't focus as much as I prepared. Thank you. many have sent all your wishes. I don't know if everything we prepared for you has been conveyed to you, but I hope this has been conveyed to you. I thank ARMY for always supporting us. "

'BTS Map of the Soul ON: E' is a pay-per-view live streaming concert that fans from over 100 countries can watch. The next virtual concert will be broadcast via the KISWE website on Sunday, October 11th at 3AM EST.

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