BTS Drinking Water Bottles: Prices and How to Buy beWATER with BTS

Recently, netizens have been curious about BTS's new merchandise released by Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS is known for releasing various merchandise and collaboration items for fans to enjoy. This year BTS released the Baskin Robbins collaboration to celebrate their seventh anniversary by releasing a special cake and special ice cream flavor. They also released a purple BTS edition of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

On October 14, BTS launched another merchandise that surprised netizens - drinking water! BTS releases water products designed by the members themselves. The product will be released on October 15 at Weverse Global stores.

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A netizen shared this product in the online community because they felt it was interesting merchandise.

Weverse is selling BTS's new merchandise in 20 500 ml bottles for 24,000 won

Several netizens commented,

1. Is the water purple?

2. The bottle is so cute

3. How many bottles is this? Looks like it will sell out if you sell it at the concert

4. I have to buy a bottle as a souvenir

5. I don't know what material the bottle is made of, but personally I think it would be better if the bottle can be reused even though it costs a little more

6. Is this the first time Big Hit has done this? SM did this, and I bought the bottle, not the water

7. Now, people will buy the bottle, not the water

8. ARMY will buy it

9. BTS drank it at the concert

10. Water is not the merchandise but the drinking bottle

What do you think?


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Source: allkpop, pannkpop


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