Black Swan Members Profile and Facts (Updated!)

Having members from Korea, Senegal, and Brazil, Black Swan releases debut MV 'Tonight'.

RANIA's re-debut girl group, Black Swan has released their debut MV entitled 'Tonight'.

On October 16th at 6 PM KST, the girl group covered by DR Music has released the debut MV “Tonight” along with the full album titled “Goodbye Rania“.

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In the debut MV, Black Swan members immediately appeared mature and elegant even though this was their debut single which was rarely used by girl groups for their debut concept.

Black Swan itself has attracted a lot of public attention because the countries of its two members are from Senegal, West Africa, namely Fatou, and Brazil named Leia, who happens to have Japanese and Brazilian ancestry.

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Just watch Black Swan's debut MV “Tonight” below.



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